Avanti Adult Roles —Camp Avanti

  • Advanced Treatment Practicums – a immersion clinical learning opportunity for OT’s. (7/1/2022 – 7/8/2022)
  • Therapy Staff – for cabin groups and to lead program areas. (7/1/2022 – 7/8/2022)
  • Volunteers – supporting Therapeutic Riding and other program areas. (7/3/2022 – 7/8/2022)

Apply By Mail


Mail completed application to:
Avanti Therapeutic Projects
c/o Kris Worrell
908 87th Avenue
Hudson, WI 54016

Note that practicum applications require a $200 deposit via check is required before we review your application. The remaining balance is due upon your acceptance. Make checks payable to Avanti Therapeutic Projects. Be sure to indicate the practicum’s name.

The balance is due upon your acceptance. See the application for additional fees that may be applicable.