Camp Avanti 2024!

After all that the pandemic brought about, we are thrilled to be gearing up for another week of Camp Avanti in 2024!  This return does come with some changes including a new camp location.  These changes were not made lightly and have the long-term sustainability of Camp Avanti in mind.  We look forward to spending another fabulous week with you in 2024!

Camp Dates: Sunday June 30th 2024 – Friday July 5th 2024
NEW Location:  True Friends Camp Courage
                                   8046 83rd St NW, Maple Lake MN 55358

We are delighted with this new partnership with True Friends Camp Courage!!

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Camp Avanti Programs

Avanti provides a variety of programs to serve the needs of children, therapists and the community. The children we serve are those who have average or above average intelligence but have diagnosed learning disabilities and/or sensory processing dysfunction. These children may also have poor coordination, attention deficits, hyperactivity and/or inadequate motor planning skills. Because Camp Avanti has been designed for group experience, therapeutic support is geared toward facilitating peer interaction with camp activities. Staff/camper ratio is three–five staff to six children during daytime activities.

Our Mission

We promote the developmental growth of participating campers.
We are a catalyst for professional development and growth through the shared expertise of participating professionals.
We increase the understanding of sensory motor problems and ways to help children.

What People Say

My son loved camp, his therapist and counselors, and can’t wait until next year!


The key element that I took from Camp Avanti was the level of dedication and passion the other members of staff had. Being part of a team brimming with enthusiasm and excitement was contagious. I took that buzz of energy back into my practice and still maintain that to this day. I fully understand why so many therapists return back to the camp year after year.

Practicum Therapist

We cannot say thank you enough for your kind and compassionate care for our child. Thank you for seeing him as the sweet, funny, intelligent soul that he is, and not just all the negative behaviors he exhibits when he has trouble making sense of the world. Camp Avanti has been such a blessing for our family, allowing our son to experience all the wonder of summer camp, but in a safe environment, with all the social, emotional, and sensory supports that he needs that a traditional camp could never provide for him. Thanks again!


Camp Avanti provides an incredible practicum therapist experience! It is very powerful being surrounded by so many knowledgeable and passionate OT’s all working together to provide a spectacular camp experience. You leave camp with so many new tools in your toolbox that you can start using right away. It’s an opportunity like no other that has positively impacted my ability to provide sensational therapy!

Practicum Therapist

Camp Avanti is amazing! My camper did things that were out of his comfort zone and wants to continue attending camp until he ages out, at which point he wants to be a counselor. My camper usually feels that he doesn’t fit in with other kids and loves Camp Avanti because he gets to spend time with kids just like him. Thank you for everything!


Love the Avanti experience and that my son is set up for success for an entire week. The experience was irreplaceable.


What a beautifully amazing experience Avanti was for my child and my whole family. Incredible. Thank you so much. Thanks to everyone, those visible and those behind the scenes, for all they do. It really matters. I can’t say enough how wonderful camp was and how deeply grateful we are.